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Teaching Textbooks 3

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Product Description

Early primary-grade math lays the framework for all later mathematical skills, and is also vitally important for everyday life. Ensure that your students understand every aspect of adding and subtracting multiple numbers, writing fractions, carrying, multiplication, money, telling time, advanced place value, mental multiplication, whole numbers, decimals, perimeter, area, temperature, the metric system, and bar & line graphs with Teaching Textbooks 3. The workbook contains all the problem and practice sets, as well as written summaries of each lecture; the summaries conveniently allow children to skim over the text instead of re-watching the lecture if they forget a key point.
An included digital gradebook grades answers as soon as they are entered and calculates percentages for each assignment. The CD-ROMs feature step-by-step audiovisual solutions to every one of the thousands of homework and test problems.

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