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Who Runs This Country, Anyway? A Guide to Canadian Government

Availability Date: 23-06-2019 11:36:07 | Contact name: Elisha Andres | Location: Canada | Place: The Morneau family | 303 times displayed |

Who Runs This Country, Anyway?: A Guide to Canadian Government

This fun- and fact-filled guide to Canada\'s government gets an update just in time for the Federal Election!
In this easy-to-read, information-packed book, a comical duo (a keener student and her offbeat sidekick) guide readers through Canada\'s electoral and governing process.

Nine chapters take the reader through topics like Confederation, federalism, monarchy, elections and voting, minority and majority governments, a day in the House of Commons - plus updated items on Senate Reform and new legislation like the Fair Election act.
Jam-packed with interesting photos and zany sections (like the ones that tell kids how to stump an adult!), Who Runs This Country, Anyway? takes a unique approach to this curriculum subject. It\'s perfect for teachers and students, future politicians, and anyone studying for the citizenship test!

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