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Teaching Textbooks Geometry

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This applauded geometry curriculum was written specifically for homeschoolers; because Teaching Textbooks doesn't presuppose a teacher constantly at the student's side, the student chapters feature clear instructions and employ an easy conversational style of writing before transitioning to more proper terminology. Illustrations, examples and graphs have a hand drawn look to them, and problems often use engaging real life illustrations. Not only is the textbook easy to implement, but there are audiovisual lecture, practice, and solution CDs for every chapter, homework and test problem. Definitions, theories and more have their own reference portion in the back of the text.

Teaching Textbooks is designed to have students first read the lesson in the book, then watch the lecture on the CD-ROM, work practice problems that seem difficult (completing them all is not required), watch the CD lectures that explain the practice problems, work the problems in the practice set, and then finally grade the assignment and watch solutions on the CD-ROM for any that were missed. Teaching Textbooks is based on the review method, which has been shown to promote long-term mastery of material.

As soon as the student enters their answers, the digital gradebook automatically grades it. The proofs are done in "fill-in-the-blank" style which also now allows them to be automatically graded as well; students are given a second chance because if they fail, they have the option of watching the step-by-step solution.

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