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Dont Know Much About the Kings and Queens of England

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What was so great about Alfred the Great?
Who did Queen Elizabeth I love most of all?
What is King Henry VIII famous for having six of?
Long live the Queen! How would you like to be a king or queen of England? Would you enjoy wearing a crown and having subjects bow at your feet? Here\'s your chance to see if the royal life is really what you imagined. Discover the ruler\'s changing role in making laws and protecting England. Learn which king brought leopards and a camel to the Tower of London and which queen burned three hundred people at the stake. Read about the battles of daring knights and what it was like to live in dark, drafty -- and smelly -- castles.

Best-selling author Kenneth C. Davis gives readers the royal treatment with his trademark question-and-answer format. S. D. Schindler\'s detailed artwork captures the rich flavour of noble life, while the inviting design makes it exciting to learn about the crowned kings and queens across the ocean.

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