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The Kings Swift Rider

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While hunting for his family\'s dinner on the moor, sixteen-year-old Martin Crawford spies a lone man being hunted by five armed soldiers. He succeeds in rescuing the man and is shocked to learn that he is none other than Robert the Bruce--rightful King of Scots. Martin wants to lead a quiet life; he is a scholar. But when the Bruce asks him to join his army and help to regain Scotland\'s freedom from the brutal English king, Martin cannot say no.

But he can refuse to fight. No matter what the Bruce or anyone else, says to him, Martin will not pick up a sword. Instead, he will be the king\'s swift rider, a vital link in the Bruce\'s information network. Soon Martin is risking his life as one of the king\'s most trusted spies. For he knows that victory over the English will give the Scots their freedom, but defeat will keep them, slaves, forever....

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