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Beowulf the Warrior offer literature

Beowulf the Warrior

offer Literature Beowulf the Warrior

Master storyteller Ian Serraillier has rewoven in modern narrative verse the story of Beowulf, the oldest epic in the English language. He succeeds in making this classic tale accessible to today\'s y...

Anna of Byzantium offer literature

Anna of Byzantium

offer Literature Anna of Byzantium

Anna Comnena has every reason to feel entitled. She\'s a princess, her father\'s firstborn and his chosen successor. Someday she expects to sit on the throne and rule the vast Byzantine Empire. So t...

A Connecticut Yankee offer literature

A Connecticut Yankee

offer Literature A Connecticut Yankee

When A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur\'s Court was published in 1889, Mark Twain was undergoing a series of personal and professional crises. Thus what began as a literary burlesque of British chiv...

The Last Disciple Collection - Available 2034 offer literature

The Last Disciple Collection - Available 2034

offer Literature The Last Disciple Collection - Available 2034

The Last Disciple Collection includingThe Last DiscipleThe Last SacrificeThe Last Temple...

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